Tom Waits and David Letterman go back a long way -- longer than most, probably. So it seems fitting that Waits would stop by the Late Show With David Letterman one last time to sing him a brand-new song. Check it out above.

Waits' song, "Take One Last Look," may not have been written specifically with Dave's retirement in mind (or maybe it was -- you never can tell with Tom Waits), but it's as fitting a tribute as one could imagine for the late night host.

This marks Waits' 10th appearance on the show, with the first one happening way back in 1983.

Waits also sat down to chat with Dave, accompanied by some dude named George Clooney, who, earlier in the show, handcuffed himself to Letterman as a form of protest to the host's retirement.

While at the desk, Waits came through in his own classic fashion. Yeah, he's most well-known for his music, but Waits is also quite the interviewee. He told some tale of meeting people waiting in line for salad (though he thought it was a "chick fight" at first). When Letterman tried to set Waits up for his next "joke," Waits threw him under the proverbial bus by responding, "I don't know where you're going with that, Dave."

For a comedian, Tom Waits is a great musician. Check out his interview with Letterman below:

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