Alt-rock was in a weird place in 2006. The '90s revolution spearheaded by Nirvana, which allowed tons of exciting young artists to break through to the mainstream, had settled down, and modern rock had basically retreated to the underground once again. But there was a current of more diverse sounds flowing in 2006 -- a wide-reaching balance of hard rock, punk and Broadway-style theatrics. Here are some of our favorite alt-rock videos from that year.

  • Red Hit Chili Peppers, 'Dani California'

    The video for the lead single from the Red Hot Chili Peppers' two-LP opus 'Stadium Arcadium' time travels through the years.

  • My Chemical Romance, 'Welcome to the Black Parade'

    Part Queen, part Broadway and all showstopper, the title track to My Chemical Romance's best album is totally epic.

  • AFI, 'Miss Murder'

    Reformed California punks AFI get all ambitious with hand-claps and layered production on their only No. 1 hit, 'Miss Murder.'

  • Incubus, 'Anna-Molly'

    'Anna-Molly,' the first single from Incubus' only No. 1 album, 'Light Grenades,' is an explosion of riffing guitars and rolling drums.

  • Weezer, 'Perfect Situation'

    The video for the second No. 1 song from 2005's 'Make Believe' ('Beverly Hills' was the first) takes an alternate look at the band's history.

  • Nine Inch Nails, 'Every Day Is Exactly the Same'

    The third No. 1 hit from 2005's comeback LP 'With Teeth' is a bit more subdued than the band's usual abrasive material.

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers, 'Tell Me Baby'

    'Stadium Arcadium' yielded three No. 1 modern rock hits (see above for another one). This typically groovy Chili Peppers cut was the second.

  • Pearl Jam, 'World Wide Suicide'

    This was Pearl Jam's toughest song in years, from their self-titled LP, which fans call 'The Avocado Album' (look at the cover and you'll see why).

  • Three Days Grace, 'Animal I Have Become'

    These Canadians typically lean toward the heavier spectrum of radio rock, but 'Animal I Have Become' was a massive modern rock hit.

  • The Killers, 'When You Were Young'

    The first single from the Killers' second album borrows some musical inspiration and all of its heft from Bruce Springsteen.