Tori Amos recently wowed us with her rendition of Radiohead's 'Creep,' and she just busted another surprise cover on fans and concert-goers alike. Wednesday (Aug. 20), Amos treated fans in Durham, N.C. to her rendition of PJ Harvey's 'We Float,' from Harvey's fifth studio album, 'Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea.'

Amos turned away from her piano -- opting to play Harvey's ballad on a synth instead -- imbuing the song with a deep, distorted bass line. Before she started, Amos referred to her contemporary as "a great lady, a good lady." She said, "We love this lady," before turning her synthesizer into a roaring machine.

Harvey will receive an honorary degree from the illustrious Goldsmith's University of London next month, placing her in the same company as Blur, John Cale and legendary BBC music show host Jools Holland. It's possible that the cover was Amos' way of honoring Harvey's achievement -- or maybe Amos just really likes Harvey (either explanation works for us).

And just in case you want to compare the two versions, here's the original.

Listen to PJ Harvey's 'We Float'