In a summer full of high-profile artists covering other high-profile artists, one performance stands out among the clutter. Earlier this week, Tori Amos treated fans to a cover of Radiohead's hit single from back in the day, 'Creep.' It was full-on '90s nostalgia overload up in there.

Amos has been working hard lately touring to promote her new album, 'Unrepentant Geraldines,' which came out May 13. She recently showed up on 'Conan' to play one of her new songs, a tune called 'Wild Way.' She also just released a new video for the song 'Promise,' a duet with her daughter, Natashya Hawley.

In a recent interview with Jezebel, she said she wrote 'Promise' in response to a challenge from Natashya.

The "Promise" story was, I was turning 50 and 49 wasn't great. And she really kinda threw the gauntlet down and said "you know you've got to grab this with both hands. And you've to go out there and rock and you have to prove to yourself that you can do it. Promise me you're going to do it." And that was really the beginning of the promises, and I said, "Alright, okay, alright, I will," And then the promises began, and then it became a song, and then it became a video.


She said that she would never play 'Promise' live, but she did recently play another song live that she'd never played before -- 'Floating City' from the Y Kant Tori Read days. So who knows? Never say never. In the meantime, here's the video for 'Promise.'