We're still more than two months away from the debut album by Jeff Tweedy's other band, simply called Tweedy, but so far we've managed to hear three songs from it: 'I'll Sing It,' 'Summer Noon' and now 'Wait for Love,' which has just been unveiled as a live performance video. You can also listen to a studio version of the song below.

While Wilco take a short break from recording and touring, Tweedy has put together a solo project that includes his 18-year-old son Spencer on drums. Their debut album, ‘Sukierae,' comes out on Sept. 16.

They've been busy playing shows and getting ready for the album's big debut by sneaking out some new songs over the past several weeks.

'Wait for Love' falls in with ‘Sukierae''s other tracks -- though you wouldn't know it from the above video, which is a solo acoustic performance that strips away the studio ornamentation that Tweedy (the man) and Wilco favor, and which has subtly graced the other two Tweedy (the band) songs.

But here's the full studio version of the song, which is still strikingly stark, considering the lush paths Wilco tracks often take.

In addition to the father-son Tweedy team, that's onetime R.E.M. sideman (and former frontman for the Young Fresh Fellows) Scott McCaughey on piano, and Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig of Lucius singing the backing vocals.

And here's the first video from ‘Sukierae,' for the song 'Summer Noon':