Tyler, the Creator was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night (June 11), and the rapper started his appearance by clinging to the wall of the entrance tunnel and jumping onto the stage before discussing a few topics with Kimmel.

Tyler spoke about the origin of his name, saying he used to have three MySpace accounts and the name came from the title of his most popular one, that was home to his drawings and some early music. He also discussed working at Starbucks, saying he was employed there for two years before getting fired.

Lastly, he explained his Golf Media app, which he said he doesn't like calling an app.

"I do a lot of stuff. I'll make it short: I made this app thing. I don't even like calling it an app. I wanted my own television network, but since people don't watch TV that much anymore... no offense," Tyler said before being interrupted by laughter from Kimmel and the audience.

Watch clips from Tyler, the Creator's entertaining appearance below:

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