Do not fret, Vampire Weekend fans! It's been well over a year since the Brooklyn-based band has played a U.S. show -- that will change with July's Pitchfork Music Festival -- and, if you'll hear it from bassist Chris Baio, the boys are well into their third album.

"We've started many songs," Baio said in a Rolling Stone interview. "Obviously we haven't been rushing it. We take it very seriously. We'll be incredibly psyched to share it with the world when it's done."

2008's self-titled debut album and 2010's 'Contra' both received rave reviews. The hooks from 'Oxford Comma' and 'California English' have been long-burrowed into listeners' eardrums--and there will be, this year or next, more infectious melodies on their Vampire way soon.

"We do have a ton of stuff," said frontman Ezra Koenig. "It would be cool if it was [released] this year. I always want to release music as soon as possible, but more and more I'm realizing it's something you almost have no control over. We just never want to be in a position [where] when we put out something, we feel could've benefited from more time."

A longtime electronic music fan, Baio (whose DJ name is Baio) will release a solo EP 'Sunburn' on May 21. But we what we really want is more Vampire Weekend.