East Coast, represent! More specifically: New York boroughs, represent! Vampire Weekend, products of Columbia University in uptown Manhattan, will team up with Brooklynite actor and director (and distant relative of a Weekend'er, it turns out) Steve Buscemi for their upcoming show at Roseland Ballroom in NYC, which takes place on April 28. Buscemi will direct a webcast, which will air as part of the American Express Unstaged concert series.

"Playing a hometown show is a really intense and great experience," bassist Chris Baio said. "We haven't played a full New York show in two-and-a-half years, so we're gonna be really well-rehearsed."

The show will include half the songs that are slated to appear on Vampire Weekend's next album, 'Modern Vampires of the City,' out May 14. The band is currently rehearsing with Buscemi and will film bonus documentary footage to be released as the hometown gig draws nearer.

Baoi is completely confident and comfortable in Buscemi's hands, saying, "He really is a great director." And there's a history there: Buscemi attended a VW gig at SXSW five years ago, and his son Lucian's band Fiasco opened for Vampire Weekend in NYC in 2008.

In addition to all the love between the band and the actor/director, Baio discovered that he and Buscemi are actually related and are long-lost cousins -- which has been detailed on the band's Twitter and Instagram. As it happens, Baio isn't just family; he's also a fan.

"Growing up, I was a huge 'Sopranos' fan and one of my favorite episodes is 'The Pine Barrens,' which he directed," Baio says. "Also, I just realized this morning he directed the 'Leap Day' episode of '30 Rock' last year; that's one of my favorites. I feel safe in his hands."

Fans will be able to enjoy the fruits of the Vampire Weekend's and Buscemi's labor since the show will be streamed on multiple online properties, like VEVO and YouTube. More details about the webcast and stream will be available soon.