Now that Vic Mensa and Kanye West are labelmates on Jay Z’s Roc Nation, they have established a mutually beneficial relationship. Mensa appears on West’s new SWISH cut, “Wolves,” and snagged a co-writing credit on “All Day.” Likewise, West has a verse on Mensa’s “U Mad,” a track from his upcoming debut, Traffic.

It’s only natural, then, that Mensa would have his mentor’s back in pretty much all things -- including the rapper’s hotly contested Glastonbury performance back in June.

“I had a little thing where I said: ‘F--- one of the Gallagher brothers’ on Twitter, and I was getting posted on blogs for ‘starting beef’ or something,” Mensa told The Guardian. “Those guys are legends, but also d---heads.”

Although Mensa goes on to say, “They were mad Kanye played Glastonbury,” it appears he’s referring to a few less-than-glowing tweets Liam Gallagher posted following West’s performance at the BRIT Awards earlier this year (In fact, Noel Gallgher was quite receptive of West’s Glastonbury set):

“They were mad when Jay Z played too,” Mensa continued. “Feels very racist to me. They’re gonna say: ‘No it’s not about race, it’s about guitar music, it’s about rock ‘n’ roll,’ but I mean like, how many people do you feel are carrying the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll in 2015? Would you not say that Yeezus, and a song like ‘Black Skinhead,’ is carrying the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll? I can’t understand how that’s not f---ing rock ‘n’ roll.”

Mensa also embraced the “spirit of rock ‘n’ roll” over the weekend when he made a surprise appearance during A$AP Rocky's Lollapalooza set. The two rappers had some fun jumping around and getting the crowd amped up with an interlude featuring Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit":

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