The Calgary-based quartet Viet Cong -- which includes Matt Flegel and Mike Wallace, two former members of the Canadian outfit Women -- will release their much-anticipated debut full-length on Jan. 20, and today (Jan. 5), they’ve debuted the second single to emerge from the upcoming record (via Fader). Take a listen to the brooding cut, ‘Silhouettes,’ above.

“Being partially deaf at the time is the only excuse I can offer you for writing a vocal line that sounds so similar to Warren Zevons’ ‘Werewolves of London,’” Flegel told Fader in an interview, referring to a show where he was electrocuted onstage. “Other than that, the song deals with themes that are common and dear to me: disconnection, intoxication, lapse of memory regret and the ability to laugh something off.”

Viet Cong’s self-titled debut will arrive via Jagjaguwar, following their 2013 EP, ‘Cassette.’ The band already premiered one single from the album, ‘Continental Shelf,’ back in October, which also displays a distinct Joy Division-esque quality. Take a listen that track below: