Video editing technology has gotten so affordable and easy to use that what was once a thrilling act of technical wizardry is now a hobbyist's viral gag. Case in point: the above footage, which has been brilliantly doctored to make it look like Russian president Vladimir Putin is singing Radiohead's breakout hit single "Creep."

As entertaining as it is to watch — and/or imagine Putin getting super emo to the strains of a '90s alt-rock anthem — the clip in question was actually cobbled together out of video from a 2010 charity event at which he got up on stage to sing something even weirder: Fats Domino's signature hit, "Blueberry Hill."

"Like an overwhelming majority of people, I can neither sing nor play," Putin's quoted as saying before taking the mic. "But I very much like doing it."

Described at the time by a spokesperson as "[taking] music lessons when he has time," Putin has a long and interesting relationship with popular song. Although in more recent years, he's publicly professed to only love "Russian music," his high school years were reportedly a different story. As a young student, Putin's said to have worked at his school's radio station, where he "played music by the Beatles and other Western rock bands."

Now that Putin's Radiohead moment has taken off, turnabout is fair play — we're counting down the days until some smart aleck posts a doctored clip of Donald Trump "singing" his own hit. The Beatles' "Back in the U.S.S.R.," perhaps?

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