Their new self-titled album has topped the Billboard Heatseeker charts, but Delta Spirit aren't resting on their laurels -- the band has just released the official video for its latest single, 'California.'

Featuring beautiful slow-motion shots of treehouses, skate parks, and young people riding around the back of a truck (which is what all the cool kids do in California), the clip offers a tantalizing glimpse of the harmony-drenched, reverb-stacked wonders of the new album while reminding us of the stupidly destructive antics of our bored suburban youth.

Delta Spirit are tearing up the charts, but they didn't fare as well in the first-ever Sound Off, with 'California' losing a pretty close battle to the Big Pink's ‘Hit the Ground (Superman).' Perhaps the bored suburban youths were too busy with their stupidly destructive antics to vote?

'Delta Spirit' is out now -- in fact, you can stream the whole thing at the band's official website. Have a listen after watching the 'California' video below.

Watch the Delta Spirit's 'California' Video