On Monday night (Sept. 21), Foo Fighters played a star-studded show at the Forum in L.A. that included appearances by Stevie Nicks and Haim. Now, fan-shot footage has surfaced of another special guest who made his way to the stage with Dave Grohl and company -- Jack Black.

The actor, Tenacious D man and Grohl's Pick of Destiny co-star joined the Foo Fighters on Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” -- a cover that’s become a regular throughout the band’s Sonic Highways travels (at various stops, they have played it with YesJon Davison and a fan from the audience). Black put on a wildly energetic show for the crowd, jumping down the stage’s runway, which is usually reserved for Grohl’s gliding throne. But when Black reached the stage's end, he just kept on going, jumping right off into the pit.

For Grohl, the stage dive hit a little too close to home. “That was f---ed,” Grohl commented after Black unceremoniously disappeared from sight following the song’s conclusion. “I feel like he was re-enacting my stage accident by jumping off the end of the stage.”

Of course, Grohl is referring to his accident a few months back when he fell off the stage while playing a concert in Sweden, broke his leg and wound up in his now-famous throne for the duration of the band's tour.

Foo Fighters’ tour picks up tomorrow in Chula Vista, Calif. The U.S. portion concludes on Oct. 18 in Castaic, Calif., before the band heads to Europe. See a complete list of upcoming stops at the band's website.