Ramona Lisa, the recording and performing name now being used by Chairlift's Caroline Polachek, will release her debut solo album under the new moniker next week. It's a pretty cool thing: Polachek composed the entire album, 'Arcadia,' in MIDI, and all of the tracks are love songs that double as nature allegories.

Way too much to think about when you're listening, we know. But Polachek's soothing voice ties it all together in ways that are both subtle and comforting.

The first video from the album, 'Dominic,' is equally nature-minded, featuring Polachek drifting along the Florida Everglades. You can watch it above.

It's all pretty relaxing stuff -- she even kicks back in the boat at one point and soaks in the sunshine flowing down on her. But, as Polachek recently told Vogue, the video shoot wasn't as laid-back as it looks. Apparently, some of the Everglades' residents showed up for the shoot.

"At first I was very nervous about the alligators drifting in sneaky circles around our boats, and even had to hit one repeatedly over the head to get it to let go of my paddle," she said. "But by day two, I found them elegant and intriguing, like the reptile versions of cats."

Here's another song from 'Arcadia,' which was recorded using only a laptop -- no external microphones were even used -- during Charlift's most recent tour.

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