Now we've seen everything: New York dance-rockers the Scissor Sisters have dropped a trippy -- and drippy -- new video today for their equine party anthem 'Only the Horses,' which features galloping stallions, slow motion effects and indie rockers covered in slime. Check it out below.

The action begins with a strange pyramid standing before a desert landscape, all runes and mystery. Cut to: noble horses galloping filmed super slow (for extra epic effect), with a bed of keys providing the soundtrack. Then comes in the boop-boop-boop dance beat and Shears' sugary-sweet voice. Then the band members are in thick goop. And the horses are pulling something -- are those chains, ropes maybe? In slow motion? The goop is going in reverse. The horses keep pulling--the ropes are attached to the pyramid from the beginning! And they burst! AND THE GOOP COMES OUT FLYING LIKE A STICKY RAINBOW!

"We've gone too far beyond the borders / you and I" Shears declares in a verse. Are these figurative or literal boundaries? Will the Sisters get lost? "Only the horses will find us," he says. At least they're in good hands -- or, in this case, hooves.

The Scissor Sisters' new album, 'Magic Hour,' comes out on May 15. Grab it before it's covered in slime.

Watch Scissor Sisters’ 'Only the Horses’ Video