New York native Bridget Barkan is a post-modern Renaissance woman. While some might know her best as an actress from her roles in movies like 2006's Sherrybaby and TV shows including Law & Order: SVU and The Knick, others know her as an accomplished singer-songwriter who has toured the world and opened for Lady Gaga with Scissor Sisters.

In fact, it was a conversation with Scissor Sisters bassist Scott Hoffman (aka "Babydaddy") that motivated her to write "Danger Heart." She told us, "It's apropos that this song was produced and co-written by Babydaddy, as I learned a great deal about eclectic, magical music that speaks to the heart of the real ones from him and the rest of the Scissor Sisters – my musical family."

She said the idea for the song stemmed from something incredibly personal to her. "'Danger Heart' was born out of the need to tell a story of feeling outside of what I call the 'world of belonging,'" she said. "In my own life, I have experienced a consistent personal struggle of feeling in between worlds. Whether grappling with the conflicting ideologies of radical womanhood, combating the push and the pull of love – that's all too-often toxic – or vacillating between the industry's message of the supremacy of sexy youthfulness and my oath of staying absolutely true to my principles, visions and artistry."

Diffuser is proud to premiere the video for the song, which features friends of Balkan who have inspired her. "I gathered all the different people I have met on my journey who are fearless with their love and have faced a myriad of obstacles," she said. "I have a deep love and personal connection to everyone in this video. They all stand firm with the truth in their hearts and represent archetypes I believe reside within us all... I hope this song strikes a chord with all the beautiful outliers and outcasts."

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