Congratulations to Cake for winning's Sound Off for four consecutive weeks. Their song 'The Winter' dominated every competitor it came up against, and now Cake are official members of the Sound Off Hall of Fame. This also means that it's time for a new batch of competitors, and this week, the Cribs are going head-to-head with Scissor Sisters

The Cribs enter our Sound Off with their new single 'Come On, Be a No-One,' which is the first taste fans have gotten of their forthcoming album 'In the Belly of the Brazen Bull.' Even though Johnny Marr isn't part of the outfit anymore, from the sound of 'Come on...,' the Jarman brothers have no problem delivering without him. Sonically, it's a mix of fuzzy, distorted guitars, hard-hitting drums, and wonderfully angsty lyrics, making for a boisterous good time that'll have you hitting the 'Repeat' button.

Meanwhile, Scissor Sisters are also busy promoting their upcoming LP 'Magic Hour' with singles like 'Only the Horses.' The glamorous clan of pop rockers teamed up with producer Calvin Harris for their latest single, and his influence is evident. 'Only the Horses' has a very robust sound, with bumping bass, emotive keys, pulse-pounding drums, and some house elements as the pre-chorus hook gives way to a full-blown dance party chorus.

Take a listen to the Cribs' 'Come On, Be a No-One' and Scissor Sisters' 'Only the Horse' below. Then, cast your vote for your favorite track -- you have until 3PM EST on April 30 to get your vote in.

Watch the Cribs 'Come On, Be a No-One' Video

Watch the Scissor Sisters 'Only the Horses' Video

Rules: If the same artist wins for four weeks straight, their song will be retired and inducted into’s Sound Off Hall of Fame. With so many great tracks out there, we have to give other musicians a chance to partake in our Sound Off.

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