In advance of the June release of their first new album in five years, the Hives are making the promotional rounds -- and they stopped by 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' last night (April 23) to perform their latest single, 'Go Right Ahead.'

The new LP, titled 'Lex Hives,' is scheduled for a June 4 release here in the States, and marks the band's first album for its own Disque Hives imprint following a two-album stint on Interscope. Aside from self-funding and self-releasing the new record, they also decided to self-produce -- which frontman Howlin' Pelle Almqvist says contributed to the long delay between albums.

"We thought it would be faster if we produced it ourselves as opposed to scheduling it with someone who’s busy 24-7, 365 days per year," Almqvist told the Los Angeles Times. "Rather than squeeze in some studio time, we could go in to the studio whenever we wanted. It turns out that having five producers who have an equal say of everything isn’t that fast. You’d think we could have guessed that in advance."

Now that the record's in the can, Almqvist says fans can expect a back-to-basics approach on the new material. "On the last album, the departure was us playing piano, keyboard and drum machine. On this record, it’s all instruments that could have been used 50 years ago," he promised. "It’s a very low-tech album compared to the last one."

Check out the band's 'Kimmel' performance of 'Go Right Ahead,' and let us know if you're excited to hear the rest of 'Lex Hives' when it arrives in June.

Watch the Hives Perform 'Go Right Ahead' on 'Kimmel'