The Shins are certainly an act that has benefited from the way the record industry is set up in the 21st century, enjoying heaps of blog buzz even when their singles haven't been in heavy rotation on the radio. But right now, we're wishing they'd been around in the '80s, because their new video for 'The Rifle's Spiral' would have been huge 25 years ago.

Using creepy, 'Coraline'-style stop-motion animation to tell a story of good, evil, and magic, the Jamie Caliri-directed clip manages to string together a relatively cogent narrative while still following the beat of the song -- and it's gorgeous to look at besides. Although it's been around for a bit -- it made its debut on the Nintendo 3DS, of all places -- now it's online, and you can have a look at the full-length video below.

And that isn't all the band's been up to: They also just followed up their recent LP 'Port of Morrow' with a new live EP, 'Live from the Lot.' Recorded at this year's SXSW and released via Google Music, 'Lot' collects five live cuts: 'September,' 'New Slang,' 'Simple Song,' 'The Rifle's Spiral,' and 'Australia.' You can purchase it here -- after you watch the 'Rifle's Spiral' video, of course.

Watch the Shin's 'Rifle Spire' Video