Bands have long found it helpful to start gathering a fanbase in the U.K. before trying to break into the States, since the scene is smaller, and it's easier to get noticed. We Need Surgery took this principal in an altogether different direction, initially forming in 2007 in Seoul, South Korea, where they did, indeed, start generating a lot of attention in local media. Consisting of two Canadians, two Americans and one South Korean, the band eventually moved to Vancouver, where they continued writing and eventually produced the 12-song self-titled debut that arrived this week.

We Need Surgery has a '70s post-punk sound fused with a modern guitar-driven pop sensibility. They evoke Television, Gang of Four, Joy Division and even a little "Boy"-era U2. Of the new single 'Stranger,' Christopher Madden tells, "'Stranger' is one of those songs that was meant to be written -- everything just fell into place."

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