Weezer have shared "Beach Boys," a new track to be included on their forthcoming 11th studio album, Pacific Daydream.

As one might discern from the song title, the track serves as an upbeat, nostalgic ode to the influential Brian Wilson-led pop quintet. It finds frontman Rivers Cuomo dreaming of escape over a laid-back rhythm composed of reverb-drenched guitar stabs chiming between a palpitating bass groove. "We need a melody / A gorgeous four-part harmony / So it all makes sense," Cuomo pines. When the song breaks into the chorus, our protagonist clarifies. "Turn it up / It's the Beach Boys," Cuomo rejoices, "singing out in a sweet voice," over sliding guitar octaves.

"Beach Boys" is the third track to be previewed from Pacific Daydream. The band first shared "Feels Like Summer" back in March, a cut whose video is a direct nod to Guns N' Roses' "Paradise City," followed by "Mexican Fender," which was released in August accompanied by a music video as well as the album announcement.

The Beach Boys' influence has come through in Weezer's music in the past. The song "Surf Wax America," from 1994's The Blue Album, is a dreamy salute to surf-tinged guitar pop of yore, employing the serene vocal harmonies Cuomo references on "Beach Boys"; while "Jamie," a "Buddy Holly" b-side, mentions the Hawthorne, Calif., group by name.

Pacific Daydream is due out Oct. 27 via Crush Music/Atlantic. They have several merchandise bundles available for pre-order, and you can check them all out at their web store.

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