This weekend kicks off the first-ever installment of the Loudwire Music Festival, a three-day rock and roll party in Grand Junction, Colorado. Thrown by our friends over at Loudwire, the festival is stacked with some of the top mainstream rock acts around, from Nothing More and Theory of a Deadman to Rob Zombie and Linkin Park.

The name on the event's poster that most excites us, though, is none other than Weezer.

That's right, the '90s alt-rock darlings headlined the opening night of Loudwire Music Festival last night (June 26) and put on a massive 18-song set for the screaming crowd. A man of very, very few words, Rivers Cuomo said little throughout their performance; in fact, the only phrase we remember him saying was "I'm digging it" as he looked out on the audience.

And we have to admit: We were digging it, too.

Opening with the lead track from their debut album, "My Name Is Jonas" set the stage for a night packed with some of Weezer's biggest -- and heaviest -- songs. The setlist spanned their more than two-decade career, including new tunes from their most recent effort, Everything Will Be Alright in the End, like "Back to the Shack," "Go Away" and "Eulogy For a Rock Band."

It was an evening stacked with great rock and roll, and no band could have better capped it off than Weezer. Check out some exclusive photos in the gallery above, and peruse their setlist from Loudwire Music Festival below; if you're in the area, there's still time to grab tickets to the fest's remaining two days -- get details here.

Weezer -- Setlist, June 26, 2015
"My Name Is Jonas"
"Hash Pipe"
"Back to the Shack"
"El Scorcho"
"Eulogy For a Rock Band"
"Keep Fishin’"
"Surf Wax America"
"Island in the Sun"
"Beverly Hills"
"Go Away"
"Dope Nose"
"Say It Ain’t So"
"Tired of Sex"
"(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To"
"Pork and Beans"
"Undone -- The Sweater Song"

"Buddy Holly"

You Think You Know Weezer?

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