Last week, Weezer unveiled their brand-new single, “Thank God for Girls,” and now, they’ve quickly followed suit with another: “Do You Wanna Get High?”

Rivers Cuomo debuted the new song on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 Radio show, and you can listen to it right here. The frontman details all the wonders of smoking pot on the new track, which is decidedly more classic Weezer in sound than its predecessor. Check out the single art below.

Cuomo told Lowe the band have run out their record contract, which allowed them to take more creative liberties on "Thank God for Girls."

“We don’t have a record deal anymore, so we’re kind of on the loose and experimenting and nobody’s in charge anymore,” he said. “We’re just doing what we wanna do and that led to ‘Thank God for Girls.’”

“Thank God for Girls” and “Do You Wanna Get High?” may or may not appear on Weezer’s next album -- for now, Cuomo and company are simply exploring their newfound unsigned freedom. When a new Weezer LP does surface, it will follow last year’s Everything Will Be Alright in the End.

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