There are a lot of bizarre lyrics in Weezer’s new single, “Thank God for Girls,” but for the accompanying video, Rivers Cuomo and company decided to highlight arguably one of the song’s strangest images: “And when you come home, she will be there / Waiting for you with a fire in her eyes / And a big fat cannoli to shove in your mouth.” (Just kidding, there is no rational logic to determine if that’s any weirder than “I’m like an Indian fakir / Trying to meditate on a bed of nails / With my pants pulled down.”)

Cue the sort-of lyric video, which revolves around a guy who's presented with a platter of cannolis by the “girl in the pastry shop” and proceeds to make a mess of things. Of course, this all unfolds in front of a painting of Jesus, which connects to the song’s conclusion wherein Adam gets revenge on God for taking one of his ribs and condemning him to a lifetime of heartbreak and loneliness. And somehow Cuomo manages to make getting all of these words out sound easy. Check it out above.

Cuomo shared his thoughts on the song in a Facebook post, calling the song better than Everything Will Be Alright in the End’s “Back to the Shack” and describing the lyrics as “pretty out there.”

Oh, and the single artwork is pretty great, too:

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Press Here

Weezer first debuted “Thank God for Girls” during a show in L.A. last week when they played the song not once, but twice. It joins the band's other post-Everything Will Be Alright in the End single, “Everybody Needs Salvation,” which landed in April.

Weezer have a pair of tour dates on the horizon. First up, they’ll play a concert in St. Louis with Wavves on Dec. 8. Then, they’ll head to Milwaukee on Dec. 10, where Glass Animals will serve as their opener. Get details at the band’s website.