Weezer pack more fun in a three-minute song than most bands manage in their entire careers. After all, this is a band that's name-checked Mary Tyler Moore in one song and teamed up with Lil Wayne on another track. So it's only natural that their videos would also be a blast. From their groundbreaking 'Happy Days'-inspired 'Buddy Holly' clip to 'Pork and Beans,' which crams about three dozen online memes into a little more than three minutes, Weezer's videos are often buzzworthy events. These are their 10 best.

  • 'Beverly Hills'

    It's an easy target, but Weezer makes poking fun at the empty lifestyles of the rich and famous a game of spotting the excesses of Beverly Hills brats. The band seems both bored and bemused by the entire thing, which is probably the point.

  • 'Buddy Holly'

    Spike Jonze -- who'd go on to make 'Being John Malkovich,' 'Adaptation' and 'Where the Wild Things Are' -- directed Weezer's breakthrough video, a wonderful tribute to 'Happy Days,' complete with appearances by the Fonz, Potsie and the gang.

  • 'El Scorcho'

    Weezer's second album 'Pinkerton' bombed when it came out in 1996, but it's now considered a modern-rock classic. 'El Scorcho,' the first single and video, didn't get much love back then either. What a shame -- it should have been a huge hit.

  • 'Hash Pipe'

    It's basically three minutes of sumo wrestlers and Weezer facing off with their fat, muscles and guitars. After a five-year break following the failure of 'Pinkerton,' it marked the band's return in grand style. We love the song, the album and the video.

  • 'Island in the Sun'

    Weezer once again teamed up with filmmaker Spike Jonze for a super-fun video that features the four band members frolicking with various animals. And anytime you put a monkey in front of a camera, you've got automatic comedy gold.

  • 'Paranoid Android'

    In 2011 Weezer covered Radiohead's 'OK Computer' classic 'Paranoid Android.' It's a pretty faithfully cover and really good. Nothing flashy happens in the six-minute black-and-white clip, but watching the band work through the complex song brings its own kind of joy.

  • 'Perfect Situation'

    "Before there was Weezer ... there was Weeze" reads the intro to this what-if? clip in which a high-maintenance woman with a serious attitude problem is revealed to be the group's first singer. Rivers Cuomo steps in to save the day. Way fun.

  • 'Pork and Beans'

    How many Internet memes can you pick out in this clip for 'Pork and Beans'? There's the 'Chocolate Rain' guy, the Diet Coke-Mentos experiment and a dramatic critter of some sort. Like most Weezer videos, it's definitely worth a second or third look.

  • 'Say It Ain't So'

    The video for one of Weezer's most popular songs is also one of their most straightforward clips, a performance piece that takes a mid-track break for a little bit of slowmo Hacky Sack. Mostly, though, 'Say It Ain't So' features the band hard at work.

  • 'Undone - The Sweater Song'

    The group's first video, like the great 'Buddy Holly' clip, was directed by Spike Jonze, who captured the four-minute clip in one unbroken shot. It's a technical marvel -- maybe not on the same level as 'Buddy Holly,' but close.

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