Weezer have posted six different pre-order bundles for their upcoming 'White Album' in their online store, and while five of them include the album and the usual array of T-shirts and merch, the most expensive option includes time on an island in the sun with frontman Rivers Cuomo.

The $25,000 "Weezer Experience Bundle" includes the following:

  •  Take a Greyhound to the Galapagos with Rivers where you'll stay only for a limited time
  • Once you get to the islands, you'll go bird watching to try and find the elusive White-cheeked pintail
  • You'll go on a catamaran ride to Charles Darwin Research Station
  • Sing "the British are coming" with Rivers in the Galapagos but replace every lyric about "old king george" to "lonesome george"
  • Enjoy your complimentary signed copy of the album and a pair of tickets to see the band on their summer tour with Panic! At The Disco
  • Finally, you will be named King of the World for a day

It's also definitely worth mentioning that the description also notes in bold print that "you have to pay for Rivers on top of paying the band $25,000." It's probably also worth pointing out (although the listing makes no mention of the fact) that Cuomo is married and has two kids – just in case you've got any ulterior motives.

And if you just want the album when it comes out on April 1 and maybe a hat, you can pre-order a slightly more reasonable bundle between $9.99 and $64.99 here.

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