White Ash Falls is the solo project of former Red Cedar guitarist-vocalist and Yukon Blonde bassist Andy Bishop. A departure from his earlier bands, White Ash Falls makes folky, emotive, gorgeous music. Grab his single 'I Can't Get Tomorrow' here.

About the new folk sound heard on his debut for Light Organ Records, Bishop says, "I've played in punk bands. I've done just about everything, but I've always had a thing for folk music. With other types of music, I feel like I'm writing for that genre. Whereas for White Ash Falls, I'm writing for myself, and this is what comes out."

Describing 'I Can't Get Tomorrow,' he tells Diffuser.fm, "I don't really know where the song came from, it just kind of happened. It was the last track to be written for the album, and it just came together really naturally."

If only life were always like that! Grab 'I Can't Get Tomorrow' below.

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