Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme has revealed the spirit of healthy rivalry that led to Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl being kicked out of QOTSA’s studio while they were working on upcoming album Villains.

The bands were recording in studios that were just a few blocks apart, so there were plenty of opportunities to hang out in each others’ company. But when Grohl appeared during particularly testing moments for Homme, the welcome was less cordial.

Homme told Q (via NME) that he was struggling with a piece of work when Grohl told him: “You know, not every song is gonna be your best song.” The QOTSA man continued, “I thought that was good advice. But I said, ‘Why? Why not? Why can’t every song be the best version of itself?’ I think both of those things are right.”

On another occasion the Foo Fighter turned up under the influence of alcohol after “enjoying himself,” while Homme was struggling with the song “Fortress,” and was confronted by QOTSA producer Mark Ronson, who “turfed Grohl out.” Homme said: “I didn’t see it because I was wrestling an alligator, but in this case Ronson is the new guy and he was very sweet and was protecting me. Maybe in his own he mind he thought he was protecting Dave too.”

Speaking of “Fortress” he added, “The chorus is almost inspirational for me, and that’s harder to do. It’s hard to say ‘I love you’ sometimes, without sounding really saccharine and like a goof. There’s a way to say all things.”

Last month Grohl told Music Week (via NME), “We were across the parking lot from Queens, making these records. I’d listen to what Queens were doing and it would be quintessential Queens. It sounds great. And Josh would come over and listen to our stuff. We were playing him ‘Arrows’ and he’s like, ‘God, I’m so glad you’re finally making a dark record. I think we inspired each other.’”

Asked to choose the best thing about Villains, Homme said: “That I’m done making it. That s---wasn’t easy.” The album is released Aug. 25, while Foo Fighters’ Concrete and Gold arrives on Sept. 15.

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