In Zach Braff's new movie, 'Wish I Was Here,' the director and star plays a 35-year-old man who hits a midlife crisis. And like the guy in Braff's previous directorial outing, 2004's 'Garden State,' great indie music helps him get through it all.

Inspired by the movie, Ed Droste -- who plays in Brooklyn-based rockers Grizzly Bear -- is posting some personal love for music, indie rock and life itself on his Instagram. Check it out:

The movie's soundtrack is filled with life-inspiring new songs by Bon Iver, Cat Power and Coldplay (a duet!) and, of course, the Shins, who rocketed to fame after their 'New Slang' was used in 'Garden State.'

While money certainly cannot buy happiness, it can't hurt, right? So here's your chance to win $3,000: Instagram a picture or something that makes you truly happy with the hashtags #TrulyHappyWhen and #WishIWasHere.

You can find all the rules here.

And here's the trailer for the movie, which hits theaters on July 18.