Some bands rise to fame thanks to a certain mystique in their backstory or they shoot into the mainstream on the strength of one hit single that they forever remain synonymous with.

Muse, however, have made it to the pinnacle of the rock world on sheer artistry.

Formed when frontman Matt Bellamy, bassist Chris Wolstenholme and drummer Dominic Howard were just teenagers in the British seaside town of Teignmouth, Devon, Muse took a little time developing their aesthetic and building buzz around them. They released a couple of EPs (Muse in 1998 and Muscle Museum in 1999) before signing to Maverick and releasing their full-length debut. Although they ascended the British scene with relative ease, it wasn't until their third album that they broke through to the rest of the world. Initially plagued by rampant Radiohead comparisons, Muse slowly carved out their own patently unique sound – one that blends emotive, progressive rock with symphonic arrangements and theatrical, Queen-inspired dramatics.

In this installment of Worst to First, we rank all of Muse's studio albums so far – each of which seeming more ambitious than the last. Check out our ranks in the gallery above.

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