A few months after splitting with singer Gabe Serbian, Dead Cross, a punk band founded in part by former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, have recruited Faith No More frontman Mike Patton. The announcement was made via press release.

The group are currently working on their debut, which is expected to arrive next year on Ipecac Recordings, which Patton founded. Back in March they appeared all set to go with the release of their debut song, “We’ll Sleep When They’re Dead,” but that the change put a snag in their plans. “It’s been strange,” he mused. “We had shows booked and s--- before we even had a song written, so it was a weird sort of scenario that we started. And we went in, like, headfirst and wrote a set and played a bunch of shows and then immediately went to record an album. And we were almost done, but our singer left the band — we have a new singer — so we’re re-recording vocals.”

Lombardo formed Dead Cross a year ago with Serbian, bassist Justin Pearson and guitarist Michael Crain, all of whom have spent time in Retox; Serbian left in 2013, while Pearson and Crain remain active. At the time, Lombardo described their sound as “just straightforward brutal punk — metal-esque, but it’s definitely not metal. I think it definitely leans more towards the punk style, because I feel that the way things are in the world, a punk attitude is definitely necessary to help you along with the s--- that’s going on. …There’s no time to sing ‘We Are the World’ or all this bulls---, we’re all pissed right now, and there’s no better way to release anger than to be in a punk band and write punk music.”

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