Last week, the guys from X Ambassadors debuted their video for ‘Unconsolable,’ the opening track of their ‘Love Songs Drug Songs’ EP, and now, they’re giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at its making.

In the 'Unconsolable' clip, the Brooklyn-based quartet performs as parallel stories of a pair of brothers, separated as children, unfold. It’s an emotionally powerful clip set to ‘Unconsolable’’s sparse, primal drumming and singer Sam Harris’ evocative falsetto.

In the BTS footage above, Harris explains that he didn't just want the video to reflect his relationship with his brother Casey, who plays keyboard in the band. Rather, he wanted to reflect the band as a whole, as he and his fellow Ambassadors “feel like brothers.”

The idea for the video came about following a discussion the Ambassadors had with Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds and producer Alex da Kid, and the results, Harris says, were highly cinematic and dramatic.

“We didn’t want to shy away from the emotional weight of the song,” he said. “We wanted to make something that would really resonate with people -- something that would stick with them every time they listened to it.”