Drawing sonic comparisons to the likes of krautrockers Neu! and shoegaze pioneers My Bloody Valentine, XO craft guitar jams that are just as noisy as they are blissful. Featuring brothers Jacob and Jeff Turner, who both handle guitars and vocals and are also members of Say Anything, XO was formed in Atlanta in 2004. Following a recent move to Long Beach, Calif., the duo are gearing up for the next phase in their mission.

Signed to Say Anything founder Max Bemis’ Rory Records, XO just issued a 7-inch/digital single, and Diffuser.fm is bringing you the exclusive video premiere of ‘Fault,’ one of the two tracks on the record.

The psychedelic clip compliments the track’s ethereal guitar swirl and keyboard atmospherics. ‘Fault’ sounds like a long lost Creation Records single that you might stumble upon at a cool record shop somewhere. XO’s ‘Fault / No Feeling’ single is available now via Rory Records/Equal Vision.