Emerging from the punk scene of '70s England, XTC were always a bit out of place, and yet they were still able to have a long, varied and acclaimed career. We've ranked all of their studio albums in order of awesomeness.

Their vision was never about to be contained by any one movement or style, especially since their roots actually date back to the early '70s as the glam-inspired Helium Kidz. The band drew upon a vast array of influences from Captain Beefheart to the Beatles and back again, able to mix it all together to create music that was distinctly their own. Primary songwriter and lead singer Andy Partridge expertly balanced his experimental side -- angular guitar parts mixed with jittery rhythms -- with strong sensibilities for pop melodies and hooks, and his partner-in-crime, Colin Moulding, was capable of contributing a few gems of his own on every record.

Though their final album of new material was released in 2000, interest in their music and legacy has continued to grow over the years, with their fans among the most loyal, and vocal, of any in the pantheon of great rock and roll artists.

Over the span of around 30 years total, XTC delivered 14 proper albums, dozens of classic singles, and several collections of demos, dubs and remixes along the way. Taken as a whole, their catalog shows how they evolved from one of the many arty English post-punk bands to retro-psychedelia and beyond. Click above to see our rankings.

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