One of the most prolific and influential bands to emerge from the U.K punk explosion of the late '70s was XTC. A new documentary on the band titled This Is Pop is due soon and, much like the band itself, is not your traditional rockumentary.

This Is Pop presents the story of the band without going the traditional, linear story route. Instead, the XTC tale is told through the use of animation, archive and specially-shot sequences along with brand-new interviews with members Andy Partridge, Colin Moulding, Terry Chambers and Dave Gregory. Although band leader Partridge is on board for the film, he has more than a few reservations about the whole process.

"What don't I like about about music documentaries?", he asks himself in the trailer embedded above. "I don't like all of it. I don't like the bald old bloke talking about the 'good old days.' I hate all that stuff. ... The whole rockumentary thing bores the very buttocks off me.”

Though XTC officially broke up in 2006, their reputation has continued to grow in their absence, thanks to songs such as "Senses Working Overtime," "Making Plans for Nigel," and "Dear God." Along with the band members, the trailer features interviews with Stewart Copeland of the Police and actor Harry Shearer.

"I think the word is out," said Colin Moulding. "It's taken a bloody long time, but I think people are catching up and appreciating what we did." Partridge, ever the elusive genius, shows a bit or bravado in his assessment of the band, linking XTC to the Beatles. “Occasionally, once in a very rare while, you get a band that starts pretty good, gets better and better and better. And that’s rare. And I think, and I have to say, I have to be immodest… We are the other band that did that.”

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