The Showtime network has released a six-minute trailer for the upcoming XTC documentary This Is Pop, following the launch of a 30-second clip last year. The show airs on Jan. 11 at 7 p.m. ET/PT. Watch the new trailer above.

This Is Pop was announced last year, and first broadcast on U.K. television in October. It features new interviews with members Andy Partridge, Colin Moulding, Terry Chambers and Dave Gregory. Avoiding the standard storytelling approach, the film uses animation and specially-shot sequences to illustrate the history of the band.

In the previous trailer Partridge admitted he had some doubts about the film-making process. “What don’t I like about music documentaries?” he asked. “I don't like all of it. I don't like the bald old bloke talking about the 'good old days.' I hate all that stuff. ... The whole rockumentary thing bores the very buttocks off me.”

The band also spoke about how their reputation has increased since their split in 2006. “Occasionally, once in a very rare while, you get a band that starts pretty good, gets better and better and better,” said Partridge, comparing XTC to the Beatles. “And that’s rare. And I think, and I have to say, I have to be immodest – we are the other band that did that.”

Chambers and Moulding also plan to release a new EP together under a new band name, TC&I. They said the project, which is entitled Great Aspirations, contained “some truly original stuff” but left space for “maybe a nod and a wink here and there” to their previous output.


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