Indie rock vets Yo La Tengo have been with us for almost 30 years now, but guitarist Ira Kaplan said it wasn't until the 1993 release of 'Painful' that the band really came into their own.

To commemorate the milestone, the band are issuing 'Extra Painful' -- an expanded vinyl edition of the classic album featuring both the original and remastered versions and an extra record of unreleased demos and live material. In addition, the package will also include an exact reproduction of the 'Shaker'/'For Shame Of Doing Wrong' 7" and a download coupon for 15 additional tracks -- 12 of which are previously unreleased. The bonus LP will also feature a special 'locked groove' with alternate versions of 'Big Day Coming' and 'From A Motel 6.'

Check out the cover art:

Matador Records
Matador Records

"I think this group really started when we made the record 'Painful,'" Kaplan told the A.V. Club. "'Painful' was the first record that we made as the three of us, and I think it sounds different from the things that came before it. Since 'Painful,' I think we’ve gotten more confident and more willing to trust ourselves and trust each other, and probably better at dealing with things that go wrong."

'Painful' remains a special record for the band and fans alike and certainly ranks among their finest efforts. The extras on 'Extra Painful' make this an even sweeter deal. Toss in some cool photos of the era, a sticker, the first copy of the YLT Gazette in 14 years and new liner notes by Matador label boss Gerard Cosloy along with the band members themselves and you've got one deluxe package. Check out the complete tracklisting here.

Listen to Yo La Tengo -- 'From a Motel 6'

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