Yo La Tengo's new 'I'll Be Around' video looks like a lyric video -- words appear and fade away pretty much in time with the lyrics to the song -- but upon closer inspection, it quickly becomes clear that the words on the screen mostly aren't the ones frontman Ira Kaplan is singing (and that for some reason Kaplan isn't even the one pictured singing in the clip -- that would be Mac McCaughan of the band Superchunk).

We're honestly not sure where most the words come from, but we did recognize lines from some classic YLT jams like 'Autumn Sweater' and 'Deeper Into Movies.' Accompanying the lines is a recipe for spicy tortilla soup. Maybe Yo La Tengo are getting ready to publish a cookbook? We'd totally buy a YLT cookbook! Overall, the Phil Morrison-directed (he's the guy who directed 'Junebug') clip is a bit puzzling, but it's a nice companion piece for 'I'll Be Around,' a sublime single off Tengo's new 'Fade' album.