Despite announcing the dissolution of their marriage last year (and putting the future of Sonic Youth in doubt), Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore are working with Yoko Ono for a new collaborative effort. The six-track album will see a fall 2012 release through Chimera Music.

As Pitchfork points out, the new disc is simply called 'YOKOKIMTHURSTON' and will be released Sept. 25 in the U.S. The rest of the world will get the record one day earlier. The first single from the album is the 14-minute epic, 'Early in the Morning,' which was announced earlier this month and available now.

The song was created to benefit the Ashinaga Rainbow House charity and their goal to build a Rainbow House for the victims of the March 2011 tsunami that devastated the Tohoku region of Japan. See the full tracklisting for 'YOKOKIMTHURSTON' below.

Sonic Youth fans are still waiting on the official status of the band since Gordon and Moore announced their split. Even the other members of the group are unsure if they will continue to make new music. Guitarist Lee Ranaldo told us back in April that everything is still up in the air.

"There’s a lot of sensitive personal issues being dealt with right now and none of us are really talking to each other about what the future might hold right now," he says. "We’re on a hiatus ... we’re not even at a point amongst ourselves where we’re starting to pick it up and try to discuss what might happen."


1. 'I Missed You Listening'
2. 'Running the Risk'
3. 'I Never Told You, Did I?'
4. 'Mirror Mirror'
5. 'Let's Get There'
6. 'Early in the Morning'