We know, we know. Everybody knows everything there is to know about one of the most iconic rock bands of the last two decades, right? Nirvana's legacy has not necessarily been shrouded in mystery, but even so, there is so much information out there, how could music fans know absolutely every piece of trivia?

In the video above, we went through the painstaking process of combing through interviews, articles and videos to pull out some of our favorite -- and lesser-known -- facts about Nirvana. We're sure you'll recognize a few of them, but we think most fans will be excited to learn a several new things about the band.

Watch the video and see if you learn something new today -- and then test your friends to see how much they know about Nirvana!

And once you're done with Nirvana, test your knowledge on Ohio's garage rockin' duo, the Black Keys, below:

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