For a year-old record that peaked outside the Top 40 of Billboard's album chart, Young the Giant's self-titled debut is enjoying a surprisingly long promotional campaign. The latest step in the band's continued quest to rule your iPod and/or Spotify queue: an official video for the third single, 'Apartment.'

'Apartment' is a pleasantly moody midtempo song with jangly guitars and a surging melody, and the band has delivered a clip to fit: Filled with shots of young people enjoying themselves and band members in beautifully dramatic shots, it makes you feel like hopping in a camper with your friends and running toward a desert lake with strategically placed black bars jiggling over your hind quarters. Or is that just us?

Anyway, it's a fittingly beautiful video for one of the stronger tracks from a solid album, and it should help capitalize on the band's momentum after their song 'Cough Syrup' was featured during a recent episode of 'Glee.' Hey, if it worked for fun., why not Young the Giant?

Watch Young the Giant's 'Apartment' Video