British indie rock band Yuck have issued a new song called 'Chew' via their Soundcloud page.

Though Yuck don't necessarily agree with being labeled "'90s revivalists," 'Chew' does recall '90s alt-rock. There's a distinct Smashing Pumpkins vibe, and the noisy fadeout almost sounds like something from Radiohead's 'OK Computer.'

The lyrics are a bit hazy, aside from the "We chew it together" refrain. The single artwork suggests a literal interpretation of those words, with a drawing of two people sharing a mouth.

Yuck's last effort, their self-titled 2011 debut, peaked at No. 6 on the U.S. Heatseekers chart and earned them a spot at the 2011 Pitchfork Music Festival.

Catchy and heavy at the same time, 'Chew' is a worthy follow-up. We can't wait for the next full album from these guys. In the meantime, check them out live if you're lucky enough to make it to Coachella this weekend. Yuck will definitely be performing the new track, since they tweeted, "Everyone coming to Coachella, memorize the lyrics..."

Listen to Yuck's 'Chew'

7 out of 10 rating

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