With or without the Coachella 2013 lineup announced, presale tickets for the 2013 edition of the festival went on sale already, and there's plenty of reasons to buy early -- including lower prices and the availability of a seven-month payment plan. On the other hand, fans getting tickets so far in advance have no idea what bands will be playing the desert gathering next year. Although organizers have yet to assemble a bad bill, it's still a bit of a gamble.

The Coachella 2013 lineup likely won't be revealed until January, so festivalgoers have months to speculate about next year's bill. That also gives them plenty of time to assemble their own dream bill. Who knows, maybe the desert sky stars will align, and their dreams will come true. With that in mind, Diffuser.fm has come up with a list of 10 bands we would put on the lineup if asked to curate Coachella 2013. Some have played Coachella before; for others, it would be their first time. But all of the bands listed below have one thing in common: We would love to see them perform at Coachella 2013.

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    Silversun Pickups

    With their third album in stores now, the video for first single 'Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)' on the way and months of high-profile concerts in their future, Silversun Pickups will be at the top of their game by the time Coachella 2013 rolls around next year. The Pickups received rave reviews when they rocked the desert gathering back in 2009, and we'd expect the same from them if they hit the stage for the 2013 lineup.

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    Coachella fans are always up for a taste of new blood, and blood doesn't get much fresher than Birdy. The young British torch singer, who just celebrated her Sweet 16, is known for her arsenal of sparse piano-and-voice covers of songs by the likes of Bon Iver, the Postal Service and the xx. If she made it onto the Coachella 2013 lineup, maybe even a surprise onstage collaboration would be in order. We like the sound of that.

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    Animal Collective

    Animal Collective deserve a second chance on Coachella's lineup. The wildly original freak folkers are known for their high-energy live show, but a headlining set at Coachella a few years back didn't earn the best of reviews. The Collective have a new album, "Centipede HZ,' due out later this year -- that gives fans plenty of time to learn the lyrics in time.

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    Of Monsters and Men

    A widely rumored last minute addition to this year's Coachella failed to materialize, so a Coachella 2013 set would be the first for this up-and-coming Icelandic indie pop quintet. Of Monsters and Men swell to nine members when they perform live, with the additional horn players adding an additional layer of awesome to the festivities.

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    Neon Trees

    Neon Trees might not be the hippest band to ever hit the stage of Coachella, but they certainly could be one of the most fun. Trees are known for turning their concerts into giant dance parties -- something the fest sometimes sorely lacks, outside of the electronica tent -- and frontman Tyler Glenn's sheer ability to win over a crowd with his charismatic stage presence is a thrill to see live. Tens of thousands of fans cutting a rug along to 'Animal' at Coachella 2013 -- now that would be a site to behold.

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    Sigur Rós

    Sigur Rós absolutely destroyed it with their 2006 sunset set on the Coachella main stage, winning over a legion of new fans blown away by the band's atmospheric, glacially-paced take on shoegaze-y post rock. With a new album ‘Valtari' just hitting shelves this month, the Icelandic act would have a whole additional arsenal of cuts to bring to the Coachella 2013 lineup.

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    Lana Del Rey

    With the level of drama that surrounds each and every live Lana Del Rey performance in this post-LDR-on-'SNL' world in which we live, just seeing her have to stand up in front of a crowd of tens of thousands would be worth the price of admission. And if she freaked out at the last minute and couldn't go on, they can always have a Lana Del Rey hologram at the ready to fill in. Compared to the deer-in-headlights vibe of her past gigs, it's likely to be just as lively.

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    Green Day

    The timing on this one couldn't be any better -- with Green Day dropping three new albums this fall -- that would be '¡Uno!,' '¡Dos!' and '¡Tré!,' of course -- they would have plenty of new material to supplement their seemingly endless back catalog of classic pop-punk hits. Green Day have never played Coachella before, and that's just not right. Billie Joe, end the madness! Demand a spot on the Coachella 2013 lineup.

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    Dave Matthews Band

    Dave Matthews Band are another big name on the list of Coachella holdouts over the years, and they are a perfect match for the festival atmosphere. The band's loyal cult following would be sure to show up in droves, perhaps pushing attendance past this year's record numbers. They also have just announced a new album coming down the pipeline this fall, putting their likely tour schedule in perfect synchronicity for a big 2013 gig.

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    The Smiths

    Every great Coachella lineup has one long broken-up band that is somehow convinced (bribed?) into reuniting at the fest, and the Smiths are always one of the first mentioned. The Smiths have been comeback rumor fodder ever since their ugly split in 1987, with the band even reportedly turning down upwards of $75 million to embark on a comeback tour. We're not sure if there's anything that can ever reunite Morrissey, Johnny Marr, Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce, but if there is, the Coachella 2013 stage is where it should happen.

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