Now that all the drama with that false rape accusation is behind him, Conor Oberst can get back to focusing on music. He's just released a video for 'You Are Your Mother's Child,' and we'll warn you straight-up: If you tear up easily, you may wanna skip it.

Unlike the Big Brother-style video he made for 'Zigzagging Toward the Light,' Oberst tugs at our heartstrings with this new one. As happy little kids play and run around, basically doing the things children do, a grownup with a massively huge (and, frankly, kinda frightening) head watches over them. It's all very tender, trust us.

But still, what's up with that somber and bearded lumberjack-looking dude who shows up throughout the video? Stick around to the end to find out the heartwarming reveal.

As the song unfolds, Oberst performs from a distance and on an old television set. "But you are your mother's child / She had you for a while / But now you are grown / And you're making it on your own," the singer-songwriter croons over the gentle acoustic melody.

And no, those aren't tears; it must be raining inside our office.

Here's 'Zigzagging Toward the Light,' in case you need an emotion check: