It doesn't matter how old a song is. If it's good enough, the saying goes, every generation will have the opportunity to rediscover it. Just as, say, Tiffany took the Beatles' 'I Saw Her Standing There' to the Top Ten in 1988, Lana Del Rey has recorded 'Blue Velvet' for an H&M commercial.

Last month, the European-based retailer announced that Del Rey was the "global face" for their "L.A. noir" look, and that's evident in the spot, which features old-school microphones and payphones, an act of hypnosis being performed in front of a curtain and a midget who interrupts the proceedings. The commercial seems to be inspired by the work of film director David Lynch, who, not coincidentally, made a 1986 film called 'Blue Velvet.'

Del Rey has become quite the jet-setting fashion plate in her breakout year. In addition to H&M, she is in a new ad campaign for Jaguar, and she's appeared on the covers of Australian Vogue and -- in a not-quite-SFW pose -- British GQ.

'Blue Velvet' was written by Bernie Wayne and Lee Morris in 1950 and recorded by Tony Bennett a year later. Its most popular recording was by Bobby Vinton, who took it to No. 1 in 1963. It is unknown if Del Rey's version will be among the seven new songs on the 'Paradise Edition' of her 'Born to Die' album, which will be released in November.

Watch Lana Del Rey sing 'Blue Velvet' in an H&M Commercial