In support of their fifth album, 'Synthetica,' Metric have produced a four-part mini-documentary about the making of the record. The first part has been released today over at the A.V. Club, with future installments coming in the next two weeks.

The opening part describes the journey from their final shows in 2010 up to the time they began working on the songs in their home studio in Toronto, about which bassist Joshua Winstead waxes rhapsodically. Guitarist Jimmy Shaw talks about the differences between the public and private sides of the band. Drummer Joules Scott-Key describes how they've matured as people over the years, while singer Emily Haines discusses the reason why they chose the name 'Synthetica.'

Parts 2-4 will go into greater detail about the recording, which concluded in New York at Electric Lady studios.

Metric will spend much of the fall on tour. They will do shows across the United States beginning Sept. 6 in Rochester, N.Y. After playing Houston on Oct. 15, they will take a three weeks off before going on a two-week tour of Canada from Nov. 9-24.

Watch the Metric Mini-Documentary