The new Lowe's 'Coloring Book' commercial that shows a house coming to life features a song with a bouncy, somewhat Beatles-esque vibe from a band you've probably never heard of.

The track, called 'Naked Eye' and recorded by a band called Oxford, serves as the soundtrack for the clip, which shows a young couple using markers to draw in everything they want in their new home — windows, curtains, stairs — and watching them magically appear.

The spot promotes Lowe's Creative Ideas program, which provides consumers with home improvement suggestions.

There's shockingly little information available online on the band Oxford. We know that the 'Naked Eye' single was released via Palladium Records, and the band issued a self-titled album in 2007 featuring 15 indie-flavored rock songs. 'Naked Eye' is much more pop-sounding than that album, with a friendly whistling intro that recalls Edward Sharpe's 'Home' and Peter Bjorn and John's 'Young Folks.'

The band is absent from Wikipedia and apparently even Facebook, but with all the attention the song is getting on iTunes as a result of this commercial, we're guessing their anonymity won't last too much longer.

Watch Oxford's 'Naked Eye' in the Lowe's 'Coloring Book' Commercial