If you believe the hype emanating from Google these days, the company's line of Chromebook laptops is light, fast and affordable -- the first wave of a new frontier in home computing. So to promote the things, you'd think they'd want to put together commercials with the newest, freshest possible soundtrack, right?

Maybe not. The new commercial for the HP-branded Chromebook -- which sells for $279, weighs two pounds and comes with 100 gigs of free cloud storage -- features Junior Senior's 'Move Your Feet,' a song that peaked on the charts way back in 2003, when it was being used as a theme song for the short-lived Bravo series 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.' And although the handsome-looking machine does seem to be something the 'Queer Eye' hosts would approve of, it's also a little odd that the company would choose to use such a dated song to promote something that's supposed to be cutting edge.

On the other hand, it's possible the folks at HP are just big Junior Senior fans. The Danish duo split in 2008, leaving behind two albums, a pair of EPs and a growing pile of song placements that includes film soundtracks, TV shows, video games and commercials like this one.

And who knows? With HP exhorting people to move their feet for a Chromebook while Bravo plans a 'Queer Eye' reunion special, maybe Junior and Senior will be moved to get back together and work on some new tunes.

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