Honda Civic is promoting its 2013 sedan with a commercial comparing the vehicle to other technological innovations. Fittingly for such a forward-thinking ad, the company chose to use the music of a groundbreaking singer-songwriter.

The spot features Santigold's 'Disparate Youth,' from the genre-spanning singer's 'Master of My Make-Believe' album, which dropped last year. Santigold's voice doesn't appear in the commercial. Instead, viewers hear the instrumental track, highlighted by the guitar bursts most likely created by co-writer Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

The ad reveals all sorts of futuristic gadgets, like a fold-out bicycle and a phone with a hologram keyboard. A voiceover says, "Things can always be better" and tries to persuade the audience that the new Honda Civic sedan is the latest innovation worth getting excited about.

'Master of My Make-Believe' was one of the more overlooked gems of 2012, peaking at No. 21. 'Disparate Youth' managed to crack the Top 30 of the Alternative Songs chart. Though Santigold didn't have a Honda Civic commercial in mind when she penned the tune, she was actually thinking about the future. She told MTV News, "Lyrically, I was trying to talk about what I want for the world and what I want people to be."

Hear Santigold's 'Disparate Youth' in the 2013 Honda Civic Sedan Commercial