Never heard of Boring, Ore.? Let's just say that the rural town of 8,000 inhabitants in the Pacific Northwest lives up to its name.

That is until yesterday, when beverage makers vitaminwater® -- who are "on a mission to make all things boring brilliant," as they put it -- hosted a concert in Boring featuring Santigold, Matt and Kim, rapper B.o.B and DJ sets by Yung Skeeter. The show aired live last night (April 4) on FUSE and is now streaming online in its entirety; check out the video at the bottom of this page.

The adorably dorky Brooklyn-based duo Matt and Kim, subjects of a recent interview (check it out here), turned in a six-song set that kicked off with the 'Sidewalk' single 'Block After Block,' wound down with their best-known jam, 'Daylight,' and featured plenty of booty shaking and sing-alongs in between.

Santigold, meanwhile, closed the night off with a high-energy performance that got going, appropriately enough, with 'Go,' the lead track off her breakthrough 2012 album, 'Master of My Make-Believe,' and included a scorching run-through of ‘Disparate Youth,’ complete with all its typical, umbrella-twirling glory.

Santigold knows how to command a room, and even in Boring, her brilliant side shone through. "Woo-hoo, Boring!" she exclaimed at one point during the gig. "You're not boring at all."

And as for vitaminwater®'s make-boring-brilliant mission, consider it mission accomplished.

Watch Santigold, Matt and Kim + More Perform Live in Boring, Ore.

This post was produced in collaboration with our advertising partner vitaminwater®.